Bioethics Defense Fund develops strategic laws and court strategies in consultation with scientists and medical doctors with the goal of restoring respect for the human right to life against threats including abortion, human embryo experimentation/cloning and euthanasia.  BDF legal experts Nikolas T. Nikas and Dorinda C. Bordlee have drafted scores of life-protective laws and filed briefs or litigated in federal district courts, federal courts of appeals, State Supreme Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

Our legal expertise includes policy analysis, bill drafting and litigation involving issues such as:

•     Healthcare Rights of Conscience
•     Ultrasound before Abortion laws
•     Human Cloning bans and ballot initiatives
•     Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
•     Partial-birth Abortion Bans
•     State funding of Pregnancy Resource Centers and parenting classes
•     Parental Consent & Notification for Minors Seeking Abortion
•     Informed consent for abortion & Abortion-breast cancer warnings