BDTDC is one of the best & reliable global marketplaces for connecting buyers with manufacturers, suppliers & exporters, which is the leading Eco-minded online b2b platform in Bangladesh and South Asia.

Bangladesh’s largest online B2B marketplace “Bdtdc.com” started its operation. They focus on delivering advantage, profit or value by rising trade in services and products. The main mission is to explore new markets and create international business opportunities for Bangladesh Small and medium-sized enterprises and to create a bridge between Bangladesh and South Asian companies.

Bdtdc.com, a leading Bangladesh online marketplace, started their operation in the slogan of “Bangladesh is open for business”. The largest online platform is created for Bangladeshi and South Asian SMEs to expand their business and to find global buyers. They ensure highly secured payment methods for the buyers and guaranteed buyers for the manufacturers.

BDTDC is the largest B2B marketplace in Bangladesh looking to enhance sustainable manufacturing among all the Small and Medium Enterprises of Bangladesh and South Asia. Bangladesh trade has risen sharply over the last few years and BDTDC is looking to promote them globally and bring about a change in the history of manufacturing and trading.

bdtdc.com is the latest trend of B2B platform in Bangladesh. Finding the best manufacturer and suppliers has become easier with this platform. This portal is not only the best for suppliers, but also buyers too have great opportunities to introduce themselves as the most reliable consumers in the world of trade.

Bangladesh products has found worldwide recognition and Bangladesh exporters are looking to extend their roots deeper. Although there are resources and capabilities, due to the lack of tools and innovations, they are unable to place them amongst the top ranked suppliers. With the help of a sourcing platform, Bangladesh trade has become easier. It is advantageous both for the exporter and importer as everything they are looking for can be found at a single place.

B2B marketplace in Bangladesh is slowly gaining popularity among global businessman as they are hungry to grab the latest and trendiest methods to become known to the world. BDTDC is one such platform which gives suppliers the access to develop themselves as the largest business enterprise, no matter how small their organization might be. Similar efforts has been made for buyers, as they have the freedom to join bdtdc.com's buyer community and get known by the suppliers.

International suppliers, as well as buyers, are planning to begin trade in Bangladesh as the export and import percentage are increasing dramatically. Manufacturers are highly interested in investing in Bangladesh as there is a promising result here. It has become easier to do business in Bangladesh as their shipping facilities, logistics and export/import processes have improved to a greater extent.

Bangladesh business has placed itself in the top as traders have found growing opportunities and are ready to invest. With the huge number of garment exporters in Bangladesh, international buyers are now satisfied as they have the chance to switch from one supplier to another. Bangladesh trade is now undergoing huge change.

Business with Bangladesh has become a lot easier. Now, Bangladesh exports most of its products, the top among them are the Garment and Apparel products, followed by Agro products, Leather products, Jute products etc. to global buyers. Buyers are now looking forward to establishing business and set up trade with Bangladesh.