Coastal Outings For Your Dog

Our dog excursions are primarily off-leash outings with a regular pack of pals.  It has been our experience that these types of outings are exactly what medium & larger breeds prefer, as part of a healthy & happy lifestyle.
Utilizing our coastal trail outings along with alternate water play days as their "regular" exercise, dogs have the opportunity to not only exert physical energy, but to also fulfill their core instincts with social interaction. In addition, when you implement our outings as routine into the daily lifestyle of your dog, we can help you in correcting most behavioral issues that you may be experiencing right now.  Issues such as Social Anxiety in public, or Separation Anxiety when left home alone unattended. These aren't character flaws in your dog. Most destructive habits are caused by pent-up energy & boredom.

Let us help your dog show you just how incredible they truly are.

While in our care, we positively reinforce commands like; Heal, Come, Sit, Stay & Leave It.  We also like to reinforce other well known and "extremely important rules" like; It's belly-rubbing time & Guess which hand it's in!