Beach Coders is a disruptive new computer coding school serving the Los Angeles South Bay (Silicon Beach South). We are located in the original birthplace of technology, El Segundo, CA. The programs are designed to give anyone who has the desire to learn to code the skills and abilities to empower themselves for today’s marketplace and for new and exciting career opportunities.

Beach Coders leads creatives to opportunity through technology, business and design.

Beach Coders™ began as an idea to bring together people from all backgrounds, ages and goals together to exchange ideas, share experiences and create value through knowledge and applied coding skills. We bring the latest knowledge into new business ventures, job creation and a culture of fresh innovation. These core values and the continued intention towards these goals continue to bring together opportunities and resources at Beach Coders Academy.

Our Core Philosophy:

1. Cultivate a culture of inclusion so anyone interested or involved feels welcome.
2. Keep classes small numbered for maximum engagement.
3. Provide connectivity with people and opportunities in the industry.

Beach Coders seeks to become a nexus where companies, entrepreneurs and innovators meet, discover and grow with our student talent.