On May 3, 1990 Sanjay Chordia established Beacab Gems Inc., an innovative firm specializing in Beads and Cabochons. Optimistic and full of resolve he set up a office at 2 West, 46th Street in the heart of Manhattan. At that point many questioned the future of a company which just did Beads and Cabs (BEA CAB). After all beads, cabs and similar items were not in so much vogue then. But Sanjay believed in specialization and moved forward with the idea. He always was inspired by beads and saw no reason why beads would not come in main stream fashion one day. The meager first day sale of $ 385.73 did not bother him. Sanjay's father, late Labh Chand Chordia, had seen enough ups and downs in his life and taught him patience and hard work pays in the end provided one is sincere and honest. After all it was in his blood since it was from over two centuries gem stone business was being done in their family. In just a few months Beacab Gems Inc. became well known across the city. Along with the high demand of beads and satisfaction to its customers Beacab Gems Inc. soon became the member of American Gem Trading Association (AGTA). It was made sure that all the goods were genuine, reliable and all customers were made aware of treatments, if any. But the excellent repute did not end there. In one year Beacab Gems captured the attention of designers worldwide.

What is the secret?
The secret laid in the dedication, innovative ideas, workmanship and it was backed up by precision cutting and prompt supply from a large factory in India. At Beacab Gems, we see to it that the quality of goods are controlled with expertise and are not be compromised undery any circumstances. Beacab Gems is the most sought after company for Beads, Cabs, Drops and Carvings, right from low to mediocre to extremely fine ones. Every order whether big or small is given equal importance. remains true to the ideals of service, quality, and reliability upon which it was founded.