Berlin furniture company EAJY has launched their first product, the Beams Chair, which offers a simple way to bring modern industrial style into daily life.

Inspired by the steel I-beams of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Beams Chair is made from wood I beams, which reduce the weight of the structure to just 4.5 kilograms while enhancing the strength of the chair.

The first prototype was made in 2013 by Sebastian Bächer of Tischlerei Bächer and selected by [D3] Design Contest in imm Cologne.

EAJY has taken three years to refine the design of the Beams Chair with feedback from imm Cologne. Now, the Beams Chair is more comfortable and ergonomic than ever. This simple and elegant chair is mostly constructed with solid wood.

"It is really interesting to see the interplay of two contrasting features, the natural wood and the industrial I-beams," said EAJY. "Our goal is to create industrial style furniture with natural vibes, simple structure, and warm feeling. Customers can style and balance their space at the same time."

"We are very meticulous in our product design. With its simplicity and uniqueness, the Beams Chair can easily fit into any indoor space, such as restaurants, cafes, dining rooms, and more."

EAJY is taking pre-orders via crowdfunding in Indiegogo. Beams Chair will start worldwide shipping from March 2016, and backers will receive up to 35 per cent off retail price.