Bean Bag Couch Online is a family run business that has focused on putting together top brand Bean Bag Couches for everyone to enjoy. You can check-out our Web Site and if you want to Contact Us please go to the contact page and send me an email. My name is Larry Seedorf and I have been in private business for over 30 years. I have just recently launched this new Web Site that is targeted on selling Large Bean Bag Couches, Sofas  and Bean Bag Couch Loungers. We carry 2 brand labels of Bean Bag Couch and have a total of 13 different Items for the customer to select from. We have our own Brand Comfort Plus and we also carry a Plus brand Relax Sacks as well. There are 14-18 different colors of covers to choose from and 5 different covers to fit the customers needs. There are flop sacks, couches ranging from 5 ft to 8 ft. There are the standard Bean Bag Couch, a round Bean Bag Sack or A Bean Bag Lounger.,design to fit the needs of any room in you house, college door or your business. Bean Bag furniture is the cost effective way of having a modern decor entertainment room at a cost effective price point and the Maintenance on this furniture is as easy as washing your own clothes. This furniture is designed to relax in and kids love it. Check us out and you will see how much fun a Bean bag Couch or Bean Bag Lounger can be.