Official-Jazzin World Entertainment (JWE) is the resourceful data entertainment label comprising of today's top and futuristic entertainers worldwide-trusted as a center for discovering, merging and developing major elite talent in different genres with corporate clients.

JWE successfully advocates helping artists achieve quality artistic (album) catalogs and education in potential long-term creative and financial success. JWE is engaged in the artist & repo ire (A&R) business.

JWE operates through numerous affiliates (with over 100 releases) and distributors in more than 50 countries including retail stores like HMV (Europe and Japan). Our released distribution artistic catalogs have established a core base consumer market and a growing demand for corporate quality artistic products. Our team combines years of professional experience with a fresh creative perspective to help clients achieve their business goals. Blending eye-catching profiled talent and vision, commercial artistic catalogs and tomorrows global talent (bank), we are providing (custom) solutions for the more demanding clients and artistic markets. As we pledge successfully to advocate (artistic) eco-friendly, passionate global issues like protectionism of our eco-systems, clean water and energy JWE/JWC understands the crucial contribution in the endorsement of protectionism of our global environment.