Beats Magazine is the only printed and digital magazine repping the Producers, DJs, and Beatmakers of Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B music. They profile their techniques, their rise to fame, and bring them to the forefront. They provide in depth interviews, photos, and equipment reviews.

“Beats Magazine is something that has been needed for awhile. There are quite a few magazines that promote the artists, but none that promote the producer. Our interviews with the Producers, Beatmakers and the DJs give you an insight as to where the heart of the music comes from,” says Charles Bowens, Founder and Editor.“ As an outlet for publication they provide printed subscriptions and individual copies, digital downloads in PDF format for your computer, and Apple IOS and Google Android Apps for all phones, tablets, and other devices.

At Bowens Publishing Inc., their mission is to provide connectivity in media and publications to fill the needs of readers in the digital age. Their magazines are not stale but inviting to the advertiser, the content occupiers, and most importantly, the readers.

Beats Magazine is focusing on the Producers, DJs and Beatmakers that bring music to the people. Our staff provides articles, interviews and content geared to and about those who make the beats.

Check out Beats Magazine and give us your input.  We encourage feedback to help make our magazine better.

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