Beautiful Nutrition is a modern and integrative apothecary that features an array of health, beauty and nutritional products crafted exclusively for women.

Our “beauty” section includes hair care, skin care, and bath and body products that feature active plant powered nutritional ingredients.  Beyond shampoos and lotions, we also carry new product categories like conditioner boosting drops and clarifying hair rinses to offer customers new and exciting beauty discoveries.  In addition to topical solutions, this section also includes drinkable beauty supplements that highlight the most sought after premium and efficacious functional ingredients like Astaxanthin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen – at an affordable price point.

Health and beauty go hand-in-hand, and our “health” section is developed as a curated collection of supplements that goes beyond the standard vitamins and minerals.  Our supplement collections include phytonutrient blends, amino acids, rare earth minerals and botanical remedies.  This section will also feature products that will allow customers to create “DIY” solutions – including essential oils, carrier oils, herbal powders and clays with educational materials and workshops on how to navigate these healing ingredients.

Beautiful Nutrition is also focused on offering nutritional products in the form of superfoods that are nutritionally dense for optimal health benefits. Our superfoods are all pre-packaged and include fruit powders, green powders, plant based protein powders and more.  We will also feature a variety of unique and healthy snack options.

We offer collections of products that address women’s wellness as a whole being.  Our products offer nutrition in a wide variety of forms allowing for easy and convenient integration for a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, Beautiful Nutrition is a destination for women to learn how to enhance the way they look and feel, both physically and emotionally.  All of our products are supported by educational materials, and an experienced and professional staff that can help guide each customer to create a personalized wellness routine that is unique to their needs., during each part of their lives.