The social platform of beBee was released in February and already has nearly 9 million users in its first 9 months. Its success lies in "connecting people based on their interests or hobbies", ie, in what the company calls 'affinity networking'.

beBee is a new social network with a disruptive model. Through an innovative algorithm called "beBee Affinity Rank" beBee is able to find and display content that is actually relevant to the user.

For the creation and launch of beBee, the founders invested $11 million. Juan Imaz and Javier Cámara have managed to involve relevant investors and directors from the world of online business in the project such as Eduardo Diez-Hochleitner (ex CEO of PRISA Group - the most important Spanish media group, ex CEO of 20 Minutes in Spain and APAX Partner among others), Enrique de la Rica (Dean of the business school ESEUNE) and Julio Bueso (founder of Web Financial Group).

Both Imaz and Camara - Presidents and CEOs of beBee respectivly- are experts in digital marketing and have successful experience in two leading projects on the net; Mixmail (1998), the first free email based website in Spanish, which was later sold to Ya.com (currently Orange); and the email marketing company Canalmail (under the MediaResponse Group), which was sold in 2008 for 66 million USD to American investor Veronis Suhler Stevenson.

beBee goal is to exceed 40 million users by 2017

¨Such dramatic growth has surprised even the founders," says Camara, referring to the 20,000 daily registrations in the social network. ¨We expected to reach 40 million users in 2017, but the current growth rate can exceed that figure.¨

beBee already has an important presence in markets such as Spain, Mexico, Brazil and India, as well as agreements with international media companies such as Cinco Dias (Spain), Cinephile (Mexico) and Catraca Livre (Brazil), but beBee´s expansion plans are to take affinity networking to places like the US and UK, as well as others.

beBee is affinity networking

Only after nine months from it's launch, beBee has already over 8.8 million users worldwide thanks to the affinity.  "Being able to interact with people one does not know, but who have the same interests and hobbies is something new and it works," says the CEO of the social network.

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