Hope Matters was founded on the desire to make a difference in hurting lives worldwide. That motivation began with our Little Pink Book™ series. From the first book to help a friend in need, a channel of hope was born. No matter how old you are, coping with cancer, deployment to war, Alzheimer’s disease or other difficulties, ”the child within” is impacted.

MARYANN MAKEKAU is the founder of Hope Matters, and an author, inspirational speaker, radio co-host, and spirited entrepreneur. She is also a veteran, spouse of a military member (retired), and mother of two military “brats.” Her experience in the mental health field spans over 20 years, with the evaluation of learning, memory and executive brain function disorders, and research contributions in geriatric memory recognition and military training stress factors.

Maryann’s writing and presentations combine her experience and compassion to provide practical tools for families coping with cancer, deployments to war, Alzheimer’s disease and other difficult journeys. Her speaking engagements include visits to schools, libraries, and camps, military programs, awareness events, conferences, senior living communities, chapel and game half-time addresses, and more. Her nationwide book tours offer interactive workshops, creative exhibitions, hope-filled speeches, radio and television interviews, and dedicated signings.

Hope Matters has attracted nationwide media attention through newspaper and magazine articles (including TIME.com), television appearances (including WRSE / PBS), radio spots, and guest blogs. The ongoing features are inspiring audiences like effervescent "sparks of hope." Keep up with the news of ever-expanding book tours, awareness events and more -- it's truly an inspirational journey.