BEC Technologies, Inc., founded in 2004 as the North American subsidiary of the 40-year old industry pioneer - Billion Electric Co., is a leading provider of advanced broadband CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) solutions focused on next generation wired & wireless IP services. BEC develops and markets an extensive portfolio of broadband CPEs integrating 3G, 4G/LTE, xDSL, VOIP, PON, Active Ethernet, HomePlug AV, HPNA, Wi-Fi, Centralized Management System, Rugged Industrial Ethernet and Smart Grid Technologies. BEC is committed to providing innovative solutions and continuously improving capabilities, quality and exceeding the expectations of our customers and their subscribers.

BEC Technologies is focused on delivering innovative solutions to meet the requirements of next generation IP services for residential, industrial and business markets. Future proof designs to maximize return on investment are our continual product objectives. Our solutions enable our customers to offer new services and generate added revenue while reducing overall operating costs as their network inevitably migrates to newer technologies.

BEC’s core cross-platform features and technologies include:  

Wired: Multi-WAN critical connectivity, xDSL Multi-pair Bonding, Gigabit Ethernet, Multiple IP services integration, Smart Home Control and VoIP.

Wireless: 4G/LTE Cellular & RF integration, VoIP over LTE, MIMO & high gain antenna technology, Multi-APN, LTE QoS, Bearer Management, Signal Enhancement, Industrial & M2M connectivity, UE Management & Remote Monitoring System.

BEC customers range in size from multi state telephone companies, property developers, triple play service providers to rural cooperatives. We provide our broadband networking solutions to IOCs, IOUs, CLECs, ISPs and municipalities across the country. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional customer support. customer expectations and providing exceptional and free customer support.

BEC’s long history in high speed broadband services makes it clear that next generation IP solutions will require constant innovation. We are dedicated to developing and offering comprehensive CPE product solutions to meet the growing demands of varying broadband market segments.