Bed Bugs and Beyond Consultants is a nationally trusted, non biased full service brokerage provider offering 24/7 services of scientifically documented and validated immediate bed bug elimination, education, counseling and expert advice.
Since we are not a service provider we have no bias or personal agenda aside from getting clients bed bug free. In addition, we offer a 100% guarantee for a minimum of 6 months and complimentary re-treatment, post fumigation, of any personal and travel items that may become exposed to infestation, to ensure our clients remain bed bug free. Practicing our post treatment best practices can guarantee bed bug elimination for life.
Our services include counseling along with coordination & orchestration assistance of verified treatment methods; provided by leading licensed providers nationwide to eliminate bed bugs in a single treatment, guaranteed!
We provide guidance and counseling to obtain reputable service providers including:
•     Vikane Fumigation
•     K-9 Scent Detection
•     Traditional Pest Control Services
•     Relocation Services
•     Preparation Guidelines
•     Best Practices Pre & Post Treatment