Meadow Lands Best Kept Secret Since 1952
 Taste More, Spend Less

Beechie's was founded in 1952 by Frank “Beechie” Bonazza and his wife Sophie. Beechie was an avid member of the community. He was a member of the Charter that founded the Chartiers Township Volunteer Fire Department, he was involved in the start of Chartiers Township Little League, and he played softball for Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. He also was a member of the Bears Club, Moose Lodge, and Washington Country Club where he played golf almost every day. While this location was undergoing remodeling, the bar was located next door for a brief time. Beechie and Sophie started with their famous hot sausage, still on our menu today, from Green Valley Packing using Gaido Brothers fresh baked rolls. From there they slowly expanded their menu, adding homemade soups and chili.
           Beechie Bonazza only had an eighth grade education from Arden Mines, PA, yet he did all of the bookkeeping, billing, and ordering. Not only did he start a community favorite with minimal education, but it flourished for 22 years. Back then you could always find Beechie around town fighting fires, bowling, golfing, coaching little league, or behind the bar discussing world events with his customers.
               In 1974, Beechie’s was sold to Charles “Chuck” Phillips, a classically trained Chef and veteran.  Chuck continued the growth Beechie started by expanding the menu further, yet always offering the old favorites. He started the wings which you now see as “Beechie’s Famous Wings”. He not only brought wings to the menu, but introduced Honey BBQ: A secret recipe that is still famous in the town to this day. In 1993, the dining room was built to expand the seating area.

            On November 5, 2010 Beechie's was sold to the current owners, the McFarlands. They brought their years of experience running a private company to Beechie’s. The McFarlands sought to keep the same great atmosphere of Beechie’s by maintaining the tradition of a Family Run Restaurant, so they hired on friends and family. Since 2010, the menu has grown in quality and diversity, as have the employees. Every day they, as part of the Beechie’s Family, work to improve the quality of your dining and drinking experience.

          The Beechie’s Family dream is to bring back the name of Beechie’s Place, as it was when they were children. We are constantly updating and remodeling to make sure our customers feel the same way we do when we walk through the door; like home.

           Continuing the legacy of a family restaurant and bar, just the way Beechie and Sophie dreamed, we at Beechie's want to make you feel at home every time you dine with us. We hope you are well served, well nourished, and next time bring a friend.
                                     The Beechie's Family