About Be Energy Smart Ltd

Be Energy Smart is a website that is helps home owners understand all the variety of options that you can save energy at home - and therefore save money and the environment too!

It allows home owners to complete a very simple "arm-chair" questionnaire about their home and then we will suggest tailored ideas that you could use to save energy and money in your home. We consider a huge range of energy solutions from solar panels to light bulbs and everything in between.

If there is an energy saving solution that you think is appropriate or you would like to hear more about, we will put you in touch with certified experts in that field. They will be able to advise you, give you a quotation and install the solution if you want to go ahead.

For certified MCS installers -
We find genuinely interested home owners who are looking for energy saving solutions such as PV systems and will pass these on only after they have been spoken to and qualified.