Bee On Duty is a tax consultancy and financial administration company. Our clientele consists primarily of small to medium sized businesses and individuals who require tax affairs and services beyond traditional accounting. Our mission is to provide outstanding service and value for accounting, tax and administration requirements.
Bee On Duty was founded by a certified tax consultant, who is a member of the Register of Tax advisors.
You can be assured when you select Bee On Duty you are selecting a premier solution of your administrative obligations. Bee On Duty is a tax consultant who helps you to handle all of your tax affairs and set up a proper financial administration.
Is your enterprise established in another EU country? And do you do business in the Netherlands? Then you will be involved with the Dutch VAT regulations. In the Netherlands we also refer to VAT as turnover tax.
Bee On Duty will be the authorized representative for you.
Foreign tax payers who invest in one or more Dutch immovable properties, must pay tax in the Netherlands.
Bee On Duty is happy to help!