Jingle making just $49 with FREE original & exclusive music. Jingles, Music, Words, Vocals, Narration, Radio, TV and Video Commercial Ad Production. BeJingled.com is your Music Production Service.

Original music injects excitement into any creative project... Be it TV, Radio, Video (Online, Promo, Corporate, Article, Educational, Presentational), Movie, Theatre - The list runs on and on. Whatever your project demands: Voice Over, Theme Music, Website Audio, BeJingled takes care of your sound-branding needs.

Add video to your original music and audio composition...
Brands are built on originality and with BeJingled.com, you are guaranteed exclusive music (it will never be used for anyone else). Once commissioned and approved, the music and copyright is yours.

As well as original music and custom narration / vocals, you are also offered an Audio / Video Combo Package at the inclusive rates cited below. By adding video motion to your corporate photo’s (e.g. images of company interior, exterior, products, staff etc) using panning and zooming techniques and creating graphic overlays, you get 720p HD video. Use for a TV or Video Commercial Jingle. Go viral!

Audio Jingles Include:
Writing, performing, multi-track recording and mixing of a full band production: Drum Sequencing, Bass, Electric/Acoustic Guitar Overdubs, Keyboards, Synths, Vocals, Narration etc.

Video Jingles Include:
All Audio Package features, plus... Animation of your supplied photo's using video panning / zooming techniques, syncing to audio track in video editor, creation of graphic overlay screen (including your logo and contact info), any subtitling required, transition and fade in effects.

Words set to music have far better re-call than words alone - think of nursery rhymes, playground rhymes and jingles - a good catchy corporate jingle never goes out of style - the music may well be updated every few years to conform to current style trends, but those words and melody sear into the sub-conscious like a cattle brand and stand the test of time.