Belake Research is an independent market and social research organisation. We provide a full range of research services, but specialise in quantitative research. With university level capability captured in a flexible enterprise, we are able to offer a high quality service, with ongoing professional support, even after your contract has ended. This is because we were set up for that purposes: to ensure that you (and everyone else) has access to the best possible research services.

We have a commitment to social responsibility and we express this by:
1) providing low and no cost services to charity and community organisations,
2) providing high quality academic research to inform policy at national, regional and local levels

This gives you the reassurance that we are not out to profit from your research opportunity but to help you get the best quality, actionable research.

There are lots of great reasons why our customers choose Belake Research Ltd for their analytical project. Here are the top six:

1) First rate customer service. Our whole reason for existence is to make sure everyone has access to the analytical capabilities they need, so you can be sure that we won't be satisfied until you are satisfied.

2) After project Support. Because we're committed to providing excellent analysis, we'll provide support even after your project has been completed and signed off.

3) Specialist services. Belake Research Ltd has unparralleled expertise in the statistical modelling of social phenomena. If you're looking for specialised research, look no further. But if you're looking for regular market research or surveys, choose Belake Research Ltd to gain more depth and context to your research than any other organisation can provide.

4) Integrity and Honesty. If you ask another company for market research, they'll provide it. However, because of the type of organisation we we'll tell you if the research you're asking for will give you the information you want, even if it means the research might not go ahead. We'll tell you the true results of your survey, even if its not what you wanted to hear. From us you can expect honesty throughout your project.

5) A competitive price. We believe everyone has the right to good quality research, so we price our research accordingly. We also pride ourselves on being able to provide research to any budget, whether big or small, without sacrificing quality.

6) Social Responsibility. We do this by providing the same services to charities and voluntary groups at a heavily subsidised price. So by working with Belake Research Ltd you are also supporting charities to access the same services on which you rely.