The GFI Story
In late 2007, two men faced the responsibility of relocating a network of young, audacious individuals to another opportunity provider, following the end of a networking program they were building then. They felt the need to cradle the trust of this talented group when the choice to regroup and recuperate presented itself, or to find new ground and build a dream vehicle.

History took its turn when these individuals decided it was their ethical obligation to preserve the keeping of their loyal supporters. Armed with nothing but their aptitude, experience and spirit, the embers of Global Fusion Incorporated's beginnings began to blaze.

The GFI business did not start out from a garage or from a home, but rolled on in the trunk of a car. It was far from your typical brick and mortar business, where GFI's first few months were marked by very trying times. Products, payments and managing its small database were all carried out by hand. Like a grand design, opportunities began to present themselves when additional individuals who shared in their vision, joined in to formalize the corporation we see today. The integrity of their ways soon bore fruit, and after a few months of on the fly business-building, GlobalFusion's home and headquarters decisively opened its doors to the public in May 2008.

Today, GFI boasts of over fifteen major distribution centers to support its thriving network all over the country and its first, in the U.A.E. The boundary marker for its success is highlighted by the historic achievement that the company can boast of ten millionaires produced after only a year in business, and an additional six millionaires midway into its second year. To top it off, before the end of the second year, GFI's first multi-millionaire earned his first P5M in commissions-a true testimonial that the program is achievable and that the system works. The unrelenting testimonies of  lives that the GFI business has inspired still echoes strongly today in the accounts spoken by aspiring achievers who flock the GFI offices, sharing story after story of how these first line generals have won their battles to reach the top. True to the celebration of freedom, GFI expects to produce hundreds if not thousands more, proving to the world that in GFI ordinary people do create extraordinary results. GFI continuously challenges itself to work relentlessly to bring itself and its valued distributors to a position of constant growth. The unique direction set forth by GFI initiates the making of unremitting opportunities for personal growth, health and wealth for its valued independent distributors.

Today, two global giants now flank GFI side to side. Kyowa Hakko Kirin is a 70 year-old, Japan-based global specialist in fermentation and synthesis processes that supplies world markets with a broad array of Pharmaceutical and Bio-Technology products. Their focused fields are in the areas of cancer, kidney and immunological diseases. The cutting edge bio-technology ingredients found in our products are supplied by them.

A recent addition is a multi-awarded business and technology leader, Sabinsa Inc. Sabinsa was among the top 10 in the prestigious New Jersey's Technology Fast 50, ranked among the top 100 in Inc. 500 , received the National Award for Quality Products  from the President of India, holds The Thomas Alba Edison Patent Award  and the 2009 Herbal Industry Leader Award  by the American Herbal Products Association.

GFI also takes great pride in its unique culture that nurses its partners, placing these valued marketers to a rank of advantage. That it is not only in the inspiring financial gains its compensation plan provides but because GFI appreciates the fact that when the real people in its network are emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced, true success is within reach.

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