BellaPelle Skin Studio was created to uncover every client’s most exquisite “bella pelle” (Italian for beautiful skin). We offer individually customized skin, beauty and wax treatments to meet your specific needs and goals—all the while running an environmentally conscious business in a stylish, sophisticated setting.

At BellaPelle, we use only the most technologically advanced products and treatments with the purest and highest levels of active ingredients.

We want to you to have a fun and memorable experience while you’re with us. We encourage you to relax and unwind while we pamper you with style, but don’t think you have to unplug from your world to beautify. Feel free to return that urgent call or check your email with our wireless network.

Shelley Costantini is the CEO and founder of BellaPelle Skin Studio in San Francisco. BellaPelle is renowned for its state of the art waxing services and proprietary skin care products and services.

Shelley began beautifying the world one face at a time as a make-up artist in the highly competitive Washington DC area. After becoming a licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician, Shelley chose skin care as her focus and developed a cult-like following and clientele that included politicians, actresses Anna Deveare-Smith and Betty White, and CNN on-air talent including Kelli Arena and Christiane Amanpour.

Shelley honed her skills in eyebrow architecture and her “barely there” Brazilian bikini waxes became must-haves. She also diversified her experience, participating in the product design and development for a cosmetics line for Universal Esthetics, Inc.

After relocating to San Francisco, Shelley rapidly established a diverse and loyal following that appreciate her exceptional artistry and understanding of the relationship between skin, bone structure, health and beauty.