Bella Petite’s objective is to create a high-quality fashion forward web community and 100% digital fashion magazine. Featuring innovative content, while promoting petite women 5'7" and under to the mainstream media. Petite women represent 90% of the United States population.

A key element is "The Ann Lauren Livecast" our weekly LIVE internet radio. Focusing on  "Fashion, Entertainment. and Lifestyle," featuring talented professionals. Our broadcast are heard LIVE at AmericasWebRadio.com.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of petite women by expanding the opportunities in the fashion, modeling, beauty and the business world, while breaking down the negative stereo-types about height.

We have launched an intelligently developed social web community dedicated.  Bella Petite will soon offer many products and services to its members, from fashion and beauty makeover tools, to interactive real-time ad campaigns with point-and-click purchasing ability direct from the site.  In addition, we are creating an interactive digital magazine delivering content in a variety of audio and video formats.  We are committed to discovering and embracing the future of publishing while harnessing the power of a global social community.

In anticipation of the new publication, “Bella Petite Magazine,” we have set up BellaPetite.com for consumers to subscribe and participate.  

We are the largest and the only petite women’s fashion movement in the world. We look forward to tearing down the industry height standards and make petite women fashionable.