The Birth of a Movement

When Terrence, Be Mighty’s founder started out, he kept fortune cookies (with favorable predictions) taped to his computer monitor as a way to motivate himself every day.

In May of 2015, on his birthday, he began the BE MIGHTY Street Art Project as a way of spreading inspiration and motivation on the city streets of New York. We all need a little encouragement once in awhile whether we are setting goals or being challenged by life itself, a few motivational words can be just what we need to keep our momentum going.

The goal of the project was to spread inspiration to anyone in need of a positive message, to just keep trying, hang in there a little longer, stay strong and BE MIGHTY! Fliers were distributed throughout the city, each with 10 tabs that could be torn off by passers-by.

Since the movement began, fliers continue to be distributed and every week they are updated with new quotes. Each flyer can also be downloaded on the BE MIGHTY project website and shared on social media with the #BEMIGHTY hashtag on Instagram @bemighty.

About the Founder

Before Be Mighty’s founder, NYC-based artist, Terrence Kelleman invested $300 to start Dynomighty, he was the inventor of a link-less magnetic bracelet that he created from discarded items he’d found in the trash.

During an exhibition of his performance art, samples that had been left with the gallery receptionist resulted in his first sales. That early success motivated Terrence to take a shot and launch Dynomighty. He decided it was his one opportunity to start a business and escape the 9-to-5 life he was living to support his art.

Leaving the certainty of a day job pushed him to invent more products and to experiment, in any way possible, to better sell, market and distribute his product concepts. In November 2006, he embedded his Magnetic Bracelet YouTube video on the dynomighty website it became a viral hit, which led to it being a main page feature on YouTube. Dynomighty became an international sensation.

The success of Dynomighty serves as an example to others who are seeking a path to broaden their own horizon, step out of their comfort zones and experience just what it means to Be Mighty!