Another no show?
Need workers with flexible hour?
Growing your business?
-          Get work done here!

We are an innovative technology company working on a platform filling
business on-demand workforce with available talents. We are working toward
a solution that will be absolutely free for small business as well as for
individual needs to recruit
qualified candidates as needed.

Right now, we are collecting data (resumes, ways that business qualifies
candidates, etc.) to build up the site. We are looking for business
participating in our initial effort. We will ask you how you qualify
candidates and let us know when you have an opening. After scanning and
interviewing candidates based on given criteria from you, we will refer
the best to you.

For our service, we kindly ask you for feedback on the worker and donation
if you find the best fit.

Feel free to try out our service at: bemizu.com

Please contact us for more information. We are looking forward to talking
to you.

Best regards,

Bastian Hieu N Le