BenefitPlace.biz is an Information and Research Center for the Insurance and Benefits Industries leveraging the Power of the Internet, Social Media, Search Engines and SEO to empower Buyers for making informed decisions while connecting with Providers of Plans, Programs, and Services to meet their Needs and Price Points.

BPTradeShow.com is a virtual 24/7/365 trade show created for the Insurance & Benefits Industries.  Exhibitors participate at a fraction of the cost of a traditional 3 day trade show for 365 days a year!  Visitors can search for the Plans, Programs and Services they need and the providers from the comfort of their office or home with no cost of travel, entry, etc.    

These two sister websites work together to efficiently and cost-effectively drive "Qualified Prospects" to the sectors of the Insurance and Benefits Industries on an "Inbound" Basis as compared to traditional "Outbound" strategies such as expensive advertising, cold calling, call centers, mailers,etc.  This "Inbound" marketing strategy has potential buyers "Knocking on the Door" of the Providers of Plans, Programs, and Services.

Our goal is to Shorten Selling Cycles, Reduce Marketing Costs and Increase Sales for the Insurance and Benefits Industries while meeting the needs and "Price Points" of Employers, Employees, Individuals and their Brokers.  

BenefitPlace.biz will become the Google for the Industries!
BPTradeShow.com will become the Marketplace for Insurance and Benefits!