At the Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen, Esq. LLC, committed and successful attorneys help men and women in Bergen County with legal issues such as having been charged with a crime, going through a divorce or being in debt and needing to file for bankruptcy.

The criminal defense section of the firm is dedicated to upholding citizen’s rights and ensuring that every client is given full and effective legal representation for his or her case. There are far too many instances in which an individual’s rights are violated in the process of the arrest or investigation, and it is the job of a Bergen County criminal defense attorney to make sure that evidence gleaned from unlawful practices is not admissible in court. Furthermore, every person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt. The lawyers at the firm are committed to this fundamental American principle, whether the person is facing charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI) sex crimes, violent crimes, white collar crimes, theft crimes or any other type of crime.

When not aggressively defending those who have been arrested and charged with a crime, the legal team at the firm also mediates divorces. Family law is a very different area of the law and requires sensitivity and empathy, which is why the firm works primarily with mediation. Mediation is substantially less contentious than litigation.