My name is Ben Thomas and i am a full time internet marketer and social media junkie from the UK, i am also a full time work  from home dad with 4 children.
I have been a full time marketer for some time now and involved in many projects online before that i have been in direct sales off line since the age of 16 in some way or another. I have had my own business offline as well but gave it up because i hated being tied down it was just to much like having a job.
Now i am free of that i have been successfully building a business online and love every minute of it i get a real buzz at being able to help others do the same and is how i grow my own success online.
Anyone can succeed online it’s really just a choice if you apply the basic marketing fundamentals and put in a little effort in the beginning and make sure while building your business you really do help others you will succeed.