Solar Power Generators: Don't Rely On Gas Generators During a Disaster!

When the power goes out people usually feel helpless, searching frantically for the flashlights and candles. Some people try to be prepared for a blackout by buying a gas generator. While the gas powered generators do provide power, they do have a lot of issues that may not make them the best choice for you and your family.

Gas generators emit fumes that are annoying and hazardous. Because of this they have to be used outside and can be inconvenient and noisy. The other, and most serious problem is that during a disaster gas is almost always in short supply.

Lets take an example from Super Storm Sandy. When Sandy hit the East Coast it left millions of people without power. The power outage lasted for weeks in some areas and to make matters worse, gas was nearly impossible to get. If you were lucky, you would wait in line for hours and were only allowed to get half a tank.

Unfortunately, this gas shortage caused people who relied solely on a gas generator for power to be left in the dark.
Solar power generators do not use gas, have no harmful or annoying fumes and can be used indoors. They are extremely quiet and the only noise they make is when a quiet fan turns on, occasionally, to keep the system cool.

Solar generators can also be recharged with a wall ac outlet or a gas generator in addition to the solar panels.

So, do your family a favor and be prepared for any type of power outage before it’s too late!