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When it comes to managing your weight, supporting a healthy body, and maintaining important body functions,
very few things are as important as a good night’s sleep.

NOW, for the FIRST TIME EVER, SBC has combined some of the world’s most powerful ingredients to help
maintain healthy sleep with some of the most researched and documented ingredients
when it comes to managing weight, to create what we believe is the BEST NIGHTTIME WEIGHT

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HiBURN8 represents a new level of cutting edge innovation and breakthrough technology.
Exclusively formulated and manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients,
HiBURN8 provides bio-available proteins in a simple, easy to use, great tasting liquid
that can help your body manage weight, improve sleep and so much more.


One of the best kept secrets to anti-aging and weight loss is a protein that represents
one-third of all the protein produced in your body. As we age, the collagen production
in our bodies decreases causing many people to lose muscle, organs don’t function as well,
digestion and metabolism slow down, and it becomes more and more difficult to get rid
of extra fat. Not only does Collagen help control appetite, it also provides highly usable
protein to help rebuild muscle mass and connective tissues allowing the body to use up more
fats and sugars to promote weight management. And unlike many weight management products,
HiBURN8’s Hydrolized Collagen contains no fillers, hormones, acids, or antibiotics!

Less Stress = Better Sleep

-- Stress is one of the biggest enemies to weight management. People who are stressed
tend to eat more, have more anxiety, fatigue, and can’t get a good night’s sleep because
their minds are constantly worrying. All of these things make managing weight even
more difficult, yet very few weight management products focus on this challenge.

-- On top of a formulation packed with weight management ingredients, one of the keys to
HiBurn8’s unique design is ingredients that help calm your body and manage stress levels.

-- Including Sensoril, Chamomille, Melatonin, Ginseng, and more, taking HiBurn8 before bed
can help calm your body and help manage stress levels, making it easier to sleep.
And the better we sleep, the more POWER our body has to stay healthy, rebuild
and restore cells, metabolize food, and MANAGE OUR WEIGHT!

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