Mike Berkley, Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist started the Berkley Center in 1997 and then, in 1998 it became The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness.

The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness is the first complementary medicine fertility clinic in the United States. We limit our practice to the utilzation of acupuncture and herbal medicine which have shown success in treating infertile patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, advanced materal age, blocked tubes, high FSH and male factor.

We embrace an East meets West approach to fertile wellness and as such, we work closely with many patientts from leading reproductive medicine clinics in New York City.

Our experience shows that by combining these two different approaches
clinical pregnancy rates are higher, miscarriage rates are lower and take home baby rate are increased,

The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness is committed to helping couples struggling with the difficult challenge of infertility to achieve their goal of starting or growing their families.