We sell the new tablet made from the freeze dried miracle berry. Freeze drying helps to preserve all of the miraculin which is the active ingredient thereby enabling export of the product for all to enjoy the taste sensation. The miracle berry is now becoming so popular that people are starting to hold miracle berry parties and even restaurants are starting to cater for this new phenomenon in taste experience. Our miracle berry pill contains the freeze dried extract of 3 miracle berries, each tablet contains two servings. Our company has been involved in selling natural products online for over 10 years. We have now decided to market the miracle berry tablet in the UK because of its popularity abroad and recent good publicity. We are able to take advanced orders for wholesale and bulk of the miracle berry pills to anywhere in the UK as well as putting all our efforts into online retail. We have already anticipated the huge rush that was expected after having the product featured on TV in the UK, and therefore we are confident that stocks of the miracle berry tablet will not run out during this rush.