Bespokery is the uber of sewists, a modern manufacturing resource for individual consumers and brands alike. We are bringing clothing production back to American tailors and seamstresses while activating the 4 million sewing enthusiasts in the US.

Bespokery partners with labels of all sizes who curate pieces from their collections to sell a line through Bespokery. Small design houses can fulfill any order through Bespokery’s network, no matter how small. Larger brands can use Bespokery to fulfill back-orders, reintroduce former best sellers and sell them again without inventory risk, offer bespoke services or pivot quickly towards new trends. By aggregating a network of people who love to sew, Bespokery gives brands the opportunity to eliminate inventory risk, reduce waste, and on-shore production back to the United States.

Founded in 2015, Bespokery envisions a world where all clothing is made on-demand, in environmentally sustainable ways, by artisans who love to sew. Bespokery is a woman-led fashion tech company based in Bethesda, MD.