“NYC’s ‘Best Comedy Tickets’ Seeks to Expand Its Comedy Ticket Empire

New York, NY – Sept. 30, 2014 If you’re in New York City and you want somebody to make you laugh, stop everything you’re doing and find the comedy event you’ve always been searching for. Best Comedy Tickets has tickets to the best comedy in town, from the iconic New York comedy clubs with veteran comedians to the newbies working the open-mic circuit. (You might be able to one day brag to people about how you saw such-and-such giant comedy icon way back when.)

New York City is known for its stand-up comedy, with scores of stand-up fans looking for some great stand-up on any given night. (Hint: if you haven’t found any yet, you’re looking in the wrong place.) NYC isn’t big enough for all the stand-up comedy that exists, which is why Best Comedy Tickets is seeking to expand their services beyond the confines of New York City to provide comedy fans around the world with tickets and discounts to the hottest comedians and comedy clubs around.

Since 2001, Best Comedy Tickets has given comedy fans premier access to comedy in New York City and now brings that same access to rest of the world, with tickets to comedians that have graced Comedy Central, The Chapelle Show, Saturday Night Live, and more. The minds behind Best Comedy Tickets share a passion for great stand-up comedy, and it shows in the selection and service.

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