At 'Best for Garden' there are many exclusive new solutions for easy and green gardening.
It is small yet growing fast business started at 2007 when successful israeli agronomist and garden designer moved to the uk.

'' I really want and can help gardeners at all levels in the uk, make the hard tasks easier, the fun ones even better , to encourage new ones to start , and to be green too''
"  After many people help me and my family (3daughters ) to start new life in the uk- I wanted to give back to the community.''

I got lots to offer to uk gardeners, coming from a tiny but very successful faculty ( were drip irrigation, cherry tomato and hundreds more things developed and invented) and a country that turned the desert green, many years of gardening and garden design at all levels, indoor outdoor and on balconies.

So far I designed few great solutions for the uk gardeners: from big range of 100% recycled plastic edgings to save on the hard work, to any shape raised beds, potato planters,and more. On the website there is lots of information about how to grow better with different soils and composts and some more cool products and planters.

We are happy to assist journalists  and provide info and images and news all the time.
just contact us and it is a promise you will not be disappointed.