Nowaday we can found many laptop with many price and models. But how we can find best laptops according we need? And where we can buy laptop that give discount? And how about guaranteed? This article is discuss about Best Laptops 2012 and find the best laptops for you.

Many people choose their laptop with wrong reason. Example my friend, he buy expensive laptop just for office application. It’s wrong decision because if you want to buy laptop, you must identification what you need from laptop. If you work with office application, you can choose laptop with minimalis specification like netbook. That’s different thing if you are Graphic designer or Hardcore Gaming. Graphic design and Latest Game 3d need powerfull hardware with some standar specification like dedicated video graphic acceleration, processor and many more.

From this reason, i write article about Best Laptop 2012. I hope you can think smart before you have decision with your laptop will you buy. The keys for this title is how we can comparison about price/performance laptop. If you need small application computing like office application, listening music, and other computing, you shall buy cheap laptop. At the htto://www.topbestlaptop.com , you can find many laptop with price under $500.

But if you a professional worker and need hard computing working like Graphic designer, or video editing, you must choose laptop with minimum spesification that your application/software need for this. It’s very important because if you buy some laptop under minimum your application/software requirement, your application/software will not work properly.

Otherwise, you must see benefit and other bonuss may package with your laptop. Example, bundling with original operating system like Microsoft windows, microsoft office, Official Game etc. This is so important, because if you buy cheap laptop without operating system, you must buy operating system separately. So, ask your seller about all of benefits if you buy the laptop.

At least, guarantee. Other important stuff is guarantee. You must know how long guarantee you get. Usually guarantee for electronic product is 1 year. So if you found laptop who give guarantee over 1 year, thats one plus for your decision before buy laptop.