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Jeff Zelaya  is a professional speaker and known as the best public speaker. He has presented at Florida International University, Broward College, ADP, Chevrolet, USDA and several other organizations.

Jeff is a dynamic public speaker with a real passion to help others. His motivational speeches and inspirational delivery will educate and entertain the audience. You will hear and feel why he is known as the best public speaker. Read more at Jeff Zelaya’s Official Blog.

He draws from his diverse experiences to craft and present the message in a way that will resonate with the audience. Some of his past speeches, presentations & testimonials can be seen throughout this website.

Some of Jeff’s presentation topic specialties are :

★ Social Media for College Students

★ Internship Success Made Easy

★ Networking 101 – The stuff they don’t teach you in class

★ Keynote Speeches for Career Services Program

★ Building Your Brand – Online & Offline

★ You Too Can Become a LinkedIn Pro

★ Online Marketing – The Paradigm Shift

★ Become a Social Media Hero

★ Social Media for Non-Profits

★ Social Media To Build & Grow Your Business