We offer CAD, CAE services for companies in machinery manufacturing, mechanical product design, development or production where we provide CAD, CAE solutions for a wide range of purposes.

Dealing with a number of contractors all over the globe we are known as a leading provider of 3D Engineering,  Drawing and Design Services.

Our Services also include:

   * 3D CAD Solid Modeling
   * 2D vector graphics
   * 2D to 3D conversion
   * Scan document digitalization
   * Old draft restoration
   * Photo to 3D model conversion
   * Design 3D&2D drawing
   * 3D photorealism
   * 3D model and assembly model animation
   * Assembly Drawings & Mechanical Shop Drawings
   * Strength calculation
   * Punch module design + documentation
   * Gear design + documentation
   * Press-tool die module design + documentation
   * Equipment design and calculation
   * Metal structures (frame, beam, bar, truss etc.), calculation + documentation
   * Constructional and architectural models and graphics
   * Paper to CAD Conversion
   * Reverse Engineering

We are located within Ukraine which means cost-effectiveness for outsourcing your business while  keeping the same high quality!

We provide a unique approach to any task. Our team of professionals will give you a great experience.