VanDyk Mortgage is a privately owned Mortgage Banker and Broker. We are headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thomas L. VanDyk, its President and CEO founded the company in July 1987. We are a full service Mortgage Banker approved with Fannie Mae as a Seller/Servicer, FHA DE (direct endorsement) lender, VA approved and a Correspondent lender with several major lenders.

We have found that most of the successful entrepreneurs once they get into the mortgage business don't get out. They make it their career, thus our programs and company is designed to be here for the long run and to make you more money than other Branch Companies.

Throughout our history we have retained and serviced over a $350 Million loan portfolio, traded mortgage backed securities (MBS), and dealt directly with the Wall Street investors on the secondary market. It's this ability to deal directly with the conduits that allow us to offer very competitive products and pricing.

Partnering with a branch company is an important decision to you and your family's financial well being. We are proud of our track record and the people that work with us. Choose carefully... Ask Questions... Pick the best... we hope to hear from you!

Thomas L. VanDyk