We are here to help individuals and small businesses with their financial needs. As Reno CPAs, our goal is to provide competent and accurate work. We want to be known as people who are easy and fun to work with, but also get the job done right.

We are here to help people and small businesses with IRS representation, tax preparation and financial consulting.

We are different from most Reno CPAs. When you hire us, you get someone who is concerned with more than the process. We will work to help individuals save money and time, and businesses to increase their profits. We know that the best way to serve you is to make sure that you are aware of all aspects of your situation and to answer any questions you may have.

When people ask us for advice, we often respond with one of our favorite quotes, which was written by John Q. Adams. He wrote that if you can hire somebody who is a specialist in an area, then you are much better served having your time to go off and do what it is you do best. A great example of this is a client we have who is a baker. She bakes pies, cakes and other pastries. It is not in her best interest to spend hours and hours every year learning about the tax law and all the trade changes. Her time is better spent learning about new baking techniques.

We get results for our clients because we invest the appropriate and necessary time educating ourselves on the current rules and regulations of the trade. As your Reno CPA, we make it our job to stay as up-to-date as possible with the never-ending changes to ensure that our clients get all of the advantages that are available for them.

Our office is in Reno, Nevada, and we serve northern Nevada and small businesses on the west coast. You have come to the right place if you are looking for help with: IRS representation, individual and small business tax preparation, and small business financial consulting.