Welcome to Best Detectives Karol Bagh Delhi, We are a private detectives agencies that has been working successfully in the investigation field for last 25 years. Best Detectives is an Ex. Army organization, where investigators and administrative staff are from various different government organisations.

Case Policies – We take full time to understand cases first and only after taking out the solution, will we start the proceedings. Our field investigators and administrative panel officers, these are the experts committed to making your work successful? When you assign us of your work, then your problem becomes ours, we get involved in this solution

We are not entrusted with any work in quick solution, but only after complete satisfaction is given to you, It may be necessary that we take a little bit more, according to what we say but forgive us that we are involved in our habit, which does not spoil the haste. Our time frame policies are very simple, we are capable of doing any work, but do not believe in hurting, some cases may look a bit more, for which you will be informed on time.

Case details or progress report, without permission of client (Regd.), will not be told or given. Your information is private and sensitive, we are bound to protect your information in the privacy policies. It is not possible to take this information apart from you and you only can take this information anytime even after completion your case.
Payment Policies and Charges

Ensure that you take your final report on given time or we will not be reported on the delay and if the delay is more than 30 days, will not be responsible for anything. Investigation Charges –Although the charge of each case is different, however, some of our charges are fixed, exactly where there is no scope for any changes.

You can contact us 24 x 7 days for any error in the report. Our investigation services are always open for you. Work Fee and Balance Payment Like all, our case charges are flexible,  but if you pay us 100%, then we will feel happy to tell you the updates of 24 x 7 days, or if you pay us 50% -75%, in both cases, we are unable to explain the case.

Note– In some cases, when the negative report comes out, clients do not take interest in the final report, so that we have to face loosing lots of money and clients.  
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Best Detective
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Phone: 8368381999

Why Us

Private Detective Agency:  It is widely known: trust, but check. At present, the market in the sphere of rendering services by Best detectives agency – Best Detective in India. The number of people applying for help to private detectives agency is only increasing.
How much can you trust people close to you, wives, descendants, companions?

At the present stage, to resolve various delicate problems, you have the opportunity to interact with private detective agency, discussing in detail the problem at hand, as well as ways to resolve it. Of course, the cost of providing such services is quite high but is commensurate with your peace and security.

Currently, the most common services provided are: identification of the spouse’s (wife’s) infidelity, pre-matrimonial investigation, surveillance, identifying bugs, and Divorce cases investigation, theft detection, corporate investigation, employees verification, education verification, undercover operations, Labor Court cases Investigation, Missing persons investigation, etc., These services are provided by private detectives of our agency at a high professional level.

Best Detective agency has been providing a whole range of services in the field of detective activity for more than 25 years: carrying out a private investigation, monitoring, searching, searching for missing persons, perpetrators, cars, addresses. Our agency also carries out a check of premises to determine the illegal collection of information.

We work in accordance with the Law of the India “On private detectives Activities in India”. We at a high level embody your interests, as we have a decent record of working in the operational and analytical divisions of the special services. Naturally, any information received is completely confidential. If our detectives doubt the good result of the work, then they do not accept the order at all. Clients of our agency receive a total in the shortest time. Any acquired data is transmitted to the client in an interactive way.

In the course of the activity, Best Detectives Agency apply modern technological innovations. They can carry out audio and video surveillance, surveillance. We have any means to solve your m