Bestessen Co.,Ltd. are high qualified factory based supplier specialized in manufacturing and supplying in Cellulose ethers series related product for good rheology control and function as viscosifier. We have full range of Cellulose series products available for various industries including food, pharm., cosmetic, and industrial application.

Based in our experience and continuing effort, we always bring you a guaranteed high quality consitent supply,with continues innovation in competitiveness to add value for customers.

Bestessen additive is based in Qingdao,easy access to seaport and informative centre, and also with operation offices in inland for production supervision and quality monitor.

Production monitored by ISO9001:2000 with skilled workers,Supervisors.GMP and HACCP system on site to guarantee food safety.

Track on our service, we will reinforce your position in quality guarantee, buying power, innovation improvement,and more value added.

competences & means:
* Customer focus policy

* Quality assurance commitment

* Continuing improvement in competitiveness

* Guaranteed service