BestForexResults.com is a Forex Trading Software Developer. Using many years of financial and trading experience our team of traders and programmers create leading edge currency trading technology. Smart investors know that the markets are always changing. One of the biggest trading advantage that traders get with BestForexResults.com is the security of knowing that we are continuously improving and re-adjusting our successful trading software to ensure the very best results regardless of market conditions.

BestForexResults.com is not a Currency Broker, not a Fund Manager and we are not Money Managers. We are Forex Trading Software Developers. Private Investors, Professional Fund Managers and Professional Money Managers are able to use our Trading Software on a per user licensing agreement, to trade their OWN accounts.

BestForexResults.com licensing agreement ensures that traders are 100% in control of their money and their trading account at all times. This means BestForexResults.com only makes money when traders make money.