About Us

  Hello, My name is Roy Booth. I am a retired police Officer and  I have in the past sold items on Ebay, items sourced from things within my home. However, now that I am retired I find I have more time to indulge myself with those things I find of interest and to pursue a long time ambition to have my own on line business.                                                                            

As my wife and I are both Christians I would like eventually to have a site devoted to Christian Products especially Christian Music, Christian Books and Christian Films. In the interim period we would like to provide both in car and home entertainment products, DVD players,Tvs etc.

To this end I have ventured into the ecommerce world via http://bestmobileentertainment.com an ecommerce site for Portable Entertainment Media.    
A one stop on line shop for Portable Media needs. In car entertainment solutions. DVD Players,Video Players, LCD TVs etc.

 We can assure you that whatever we sell it will be done with the intention of providing the best possible service and value to you the customer. I have a 100% feedback for my Ebay transactions both as buyer and seller. You are welcome to check my past record to reassure yourself of the quality of service I provide. Thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to read this short profile page. I hope this will be the first of many visits to our on line site by you as a customer when I can fulfill your requirements with an excellent quality of service.

Once again Thank You.