Utilizing an innovative business model, Best Places In The World To Retire (http://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/) solves the problems of two groups of people:

- 1) those searching for "no spin," organized, balanced, diverse and credible information about moving, doing business, or visiting overseas; and,

- 2) for profit and non-profit organizations seeking new clients, donors and volunteers.

The main areas of the site are: 1) Community Q & A (http://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/questions-and-answers/qa), with thousands of answers to questions, provided by a community of experts; 2) Location Advisor (http://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/location-advisor), a real time, interactive, fun and informative questionnaire that recommends the best places to retire; 3) Expat Stories (http://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/stories/latest), where real expats tell their experiences; and, 4) Marketplace (http://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/marketplace), where for-profit and non-profit organizations have their commercial listings, all tied into the questions they answered and the stories they posted in a very useful way.