According to the American Academy of Dermatology study (2005,2009), wrinkles are caused by pillow contact.  When you press your face against your cotton pillow, it causes your skin to crease/fold.  By consistently sleeping on cotton and creasing your skin, you are paving the way to permanent wrinkles on your face.  

Anti-Aging Pillowcase is a precious silk that prevents your skin from creasing while you sleep.  It lets your skin glide over the pillow, adjusting to your every move when you sleep, preventing future wrinkles and dramatically reducing the wrinkles you may already have.    

By preventing sleep creases on your face, wrinkles don't stand a chance.  You can't create more wrinkles if you can't make them.  Learn how your skin can stay youthful and fresh at www.antiagingpillowcase.com