My Name is Shelley Pogue or some call me Chef Shelley Pogue. I am a Chef located in the Austin, Texas area. I have been focusing on healthy menu items, and fitness in the past year. I have hit my mid 40' s and I wanted to make a life change. With Diabetes running in my family I figured I had better get on the Health Wagon before it was too late. I have dropped 35 pounds since the first of the year, and after becoming more healthy.

I have recently became involved in Aquaponics here in Austin, Texas. I plan on offering healthy organic vegetables to the clients I cook for. I will know all the ingredients that I have used in the growing process, and they will be 100% organic from start ti finish. I want to make sure that I know what I am adding to my body for fuel and will also implement this in my cooking for future endeavors.