Founded in December 2013 in Los Angeles, BetterTrainers.co provides an invite-­only online booking platform for fitness professionals in major metropolitan areas. Its service caters to those that are looking for a proven personal trainer and takes the hassle out of vetting the more than 5,000 trainers in Los Angeles.
Frequent travelers, those that just moved to L.A., and those looking for a personal trainer for the first time use the site the most. Occasionally, those that are looking for a better personal trainer than the one they currently have use the site as a way to screen their next fitness professional.
Beyond being invite-­only for trainers (the site is open to all users), BetterTrainers also requires every personal trainer on the site to go through a verification and screening process. To help users make the best decision in choosing a trainer, every trainer profile displays degrees, current insurance, CPR info, years of experience, awards and all other pertinent background information. These trainers have already proven their ability to help clients and demonstrate success.
BetterTrainers is a new type of business model that protects all sessions booked through the site with premium insurance coverage for the user and payment protection (a lenient refund policy for those that need it). Since all trainers become members upon joining, they are not charged a fee for listing, advertising or leads. BetterTrainers only receives a small booking fee when the trainer is booked (6­12%).
BetterTrainers is currently the only online platform to work with both the potential client and trainer to ensure they both get a perfect match. BetterTrainers also offers Concierge services to help its trainer-­members with profile creation, calendar linking, and to transition naturally from online to in-­person interactions.
By using the matchmaking model and focusing on the unique needs of the fitness professional and client in major cities, BetterTrainers is making a dent in the personal training market. BetterTrainers will be launching in San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas and London in June 2014.