Bevv.co (Bevv) is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of craft beer / alcohol to transact on all levels (wholesale, retail, local DTC). Bevv is disrupting how craft beer and alcohol is bought / sold within the U.S.

In turn, Bevv is providing an alternative to the near-century-old three-tier distribution model by offering a surrogate to the antiquated alcohol infrastructure.

Bevv offers 3 forms of delivery:
-On-Demand, DTC, local door-to-door delivery for craft brewers (I want a growler and I don't want to get in my car.)

-Intrastate delivery (I live on the other side of the State but I sure do love that beer, yet I don't have access to it.)

-Interstate delivery (That craft beer I love simply doesn't have distribution here and we sure do want it. We will buy as much as we can get are hands on in the form of truckloads or even settle for a 6-pack and a few bombers.)

Brewers (and soon craft distillers) of all sizes can now open a store on Bevv and sell your product direct to your customers.