Beyond Bullies is the first online program in the United States, dedicated to helping teenagers who are the targets of bullying and cyberbullying, primarily through online and offline help from peer mentors.

Our Mission is to assist teens to become involved in leadership positions in their schools by providing opportunities for them to become aware, confident and caring role models.

The program allows teenagers who are targets of bullying and cyberbullying the ability to reach out to peer mentors online in private chat rooms, discussion boards and through e-mail. The program provides a safe space for teens to communicate what it’s like for them to go to school and be teased, physically intimidated, beaten up, socially excluded from their circle of friends or tormented online, through social networks, texts or the internet.

Many E-mentors who become peer mentors with Beyond Bullies, have overcome bullying and are now able to turn on their computers and go to school again. Peer mentors volunteer their time because they are supportive, caring, non-judgmental and open-minded.

Mentors specifically train to deal with difficult situations. They will not judge you. What you will get is someone who will read your emails, understand your concerns, and help you know what options are available.

Peer mentors and targets of bullying have been recruited from high schools in Los Angeles and the greater surrounding area. After being accepted into the online program and completing a training course, teens are required to mentor students for a minimum of at least one year. During this time, they will work one shift for three hours per week after school online on their personal computers. Arrangements will be made for students who do not have a personal computer.

The program helps students build character and integrity, which sets the stage for them to learn how to manage their feelings and have empathy and compassion for bullies, instead of becoming one.

Beyond Bullies is a project of Visions Made Viable, a 501c(3) organization.