Beyond Portals is the leading provider of service based business solutions worldwide.

We develop, implement, and host business software solutions that allow companies to use the functionality of the software without worrying about software or hardware investment costs.    

*** Web2Expense Travel Expense Management

Web2Expense is an on-demand service that allows companies to rapidly establish a web-based expense report system that can be distributed worldwide. Simply sign-up, complete a simple company profile and immediately gain access to a complete travel authorization and expense system. Automated travel authorization empowers organizations to manage travel approvals centrally by implementing workflow approval processes. Approvals can then be electronically tracked and linked to the employee’s expense report for audit integrity and compliance.

Automated travel expense allows users to track their expenses ‘on the go’ and submit final reports to management anywhere Internet access is available. Many areas of the expense report have been pre-populated with common hotel, airport and car rental agencies for easy data entry and standardization.

Digital travel receipt capture enables employees to fax in their travel receipts which is then instantly attached to their travel expense report. This helps to control and audit expenses, monitor spending and maintain vendor usage policies.

*** What we do?

Beyond Portals engages in design, blueprint, development and implementation of software as a service solutions.

*** What is software as a service?

Software as a service is a software delivery method and a software development paradigm. Please visit Wikipedia site to get more detailed explanation.

*** How does Beyond Portals sell its products?

There are three channels that we typically sell our products and services:

  1. On the web directly to the end user.
  2. Through our business partners.
  3. Through software resellers.

*** Is there a service or product I can purchase now?

Absolutely. Please visit www.Web2Expense.com Travel Expense Management portal and see how Beyond Portals can simplify your business in relation to your expenses.